Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cliff Walking

Amongst some of the sea paddlers at Glam Boaters there is an 'in' joke that some people take up cliff walking after paddling with Taran, today was my turn to experience that feeling.

We had arranged to paddle form Sully to Penarth, not a long paddle by any means but it was going to be a bit of a slog against the prevailing South Easterly wind.

Arriving at Sully Taran was nearly whooping with excitement when he saw the western tip of sully island, to be honest, at that point, I can't say I shared the same enthusiasm.

We paddled out, Taran charging into the playground and me cautiously making my way to try and skirt around it via a much calmer route. When I did eventually have a peak around the corner I saw even bigger waves, I quickly made my mind up that the only way I was going to get around the island was on foot.

As I turned my boat I caught sight of Taran playing in the race, his boat was pretty much vertical on the face of a wave, and I could see water from bow to stern, it was one big wave.

Taran's playground at the western end of Sully Island.

 (Apologies for the quality of this one but something was up with my camera, not focusing and making everything curved. The little black spec on top of the wave is Taran)

After completing my 'walk of shame' I was back on the water and paddling into the wind. Not long after this I found myself walking yet again, I had spotted the Rannies and they looked messy.

The Rannies. Image courtesy of Taran.
   By now I was getting good at this walking and shame action I had going on.

The Rannies not looking to bad from shore
After an eternity I manage to find a suitable launch spot for my kayak and continued on to Penarth.(I think my camera was playing up again as it's flattened the sea this time)

I have to admit though this leg of the journey was the roughest conditions I've paddled in since starting sea kayaking, it was uncomfortable and it certainly tested my comfort levels not to mention my low brace but in some respects was fun in a bizarre way.

Taran catching a wave at Penarth.

 Cliff walking ?  Not for me just yet anyway.    



Taran Tyla said...

I reckon after getting your kayak vertical in the surf at Aberavon & rolling back up sets you up nicely for some bigger stuff :D

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51˚N Seakayaking said...

Hello James,

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All the best.