Thursday, 8 December 2011

Way Back When

Not exactly Seakayaking but with strong winds forecast for the South Wales coast yet again, I decided to meet up with my friend Chris from Brecon Canoe club for a nice grade II bimble along the River Usk. Chris is a relative newbie to paddling and I think this would be his 3rd time on moving water.  Today's section had to be from Aberbran to Brecon.

This section was one of the first I paddled when I started way back when and is heavily used by clubs and centres to introduce people to moving water river skills, ideal place but like usual not ideal conditions, heavy rain had increased the flow but at least it wasn't in spate. Although Chris thought it was twinned with the Zambezi.

Power On !
And punching through.
I notice that the river levels are beginning to rise, some of the smaller rapids are washed out, no drama yet so we push on. Chris skirting around the fun bits on this one, I don't think he noticed I was there.
Me surfing a minuscule wave I found trying to encourage Chris to have a play.
This bit always feels so remote. 

A short break for lunch and a chance to inspect another rapid.
Me about to enter the bumpy section by Llanspyddid closely followed by Chris hopefully.
Yep, what I remember bumpy (Yee Ha)

The rest of the river was pretty washed out so I gave up on the pics. All in all no swims and a massive grin on Chris's face at the get out said it all.


Anonymous said...

What a cracking day Noel. Cheers for keeping me out of trouble in this new fantastic sport. Look forward to next adventure.


51˚N Seakayaking said...

Thanks for your comments Chris, I had a great time as well. Until next time....