Friday, 16 December 2011

A Winters Tale

Honk Honk, paddle alert! That's the message I used to get from my friend Mark when the rivers went into spate, but as he lives in Australia now I'd guess he's enjoying far better weather than I am. That's also the reason why my phone remained silent when the rivers in Brecon went into spate earlier this week. However, step forward Chris (This boy is keen, he's even had a mention in Canoe & Kayak magazine since the last time we paddled) and his friend Taf.

They're out for a paddle and want a river guide. A last minute change of plan took us over to the River Wye to do the Glasbury to Hay On Wye section. Chris wanted to have a look at this section so that he could run it again with a couple of his mates.

No gravel beach, meant the Wye having a much larger catchment area than the Usk had retained its water. This whole section is flat but should not be underestimated, I know personally that a fatal accident occurred on this stretch a few years ago.

After a quick briefing to ensure that wouldn't be happening on this trip, we set off. Chris beginning to experience the joys of winter paddling........bloody cold hands !!!!

Snow on the hills and a cold cold wind ensure we keep paddling. Its hard to show in a still photograph but we are absolutely motoring along. You just know with a sky like that it will probably snow.

On cue it began and didn't stop.

Taf and I on the Wye.

In record time we are at the get out, I think Taf's expression says it all, we had a right old laugh on this trip.  I should have realised because right at the start I noticed Chris with a puzzled face and Taf nearly crying with laughter, not understanding why and with a puzzled face, Chris came over to me and wanted some advice about his new dry bag. Did it need to go back to Cotswold, was the question as apparently they had neglected to enclose the zip / fastener with it and it wouldn't close properly...

Yes mate, it most definitely does need to go back.

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chris Dodge said...

Another cracking day Noel. Im learning loads mate but the best thing about this sport is the laugh we have had. Taf had a great day to. The snow made this day to and scenery was amazing. looking forward to a great new year and maybe u can teach us to roll.Take care budddy and have a good x mas.