Thursday, 12 January 2012


I meet up with Chris on a rather mild winters day to paddle the Sennybridge section of the Usk. Although it's an easy section of river, it does have 3 ledges that have to be negotiated by either foot or paddle.
Although the river levels were low today, we nevertheless decided to continue. It's a good section to expand Chris's river skills.

 Chris leading the way and showing me how it's done.

The water is crystal clear and very inviting.

 Me making the eddy above the first ledge. The second ledge is not far now....

And at the bottom of the second ledge.

One for facebook then Chris.

I Must improve my timing, Chris negotiating a bumpy bit. No eyes popping out this time, just smiles. After a short distance, we both get out and inspect the third ledge which today is looking very low. We both portage around this one but not before stopping for a quick brew, infinity and beyond, hey Chris. Would you believe it, I actually forgot to take a picture of the ledge, oh well there's always next time.

 The rest of the river is mainly flat with a few bumpy bits in between....
Like these....

Near the get out I notice this tree, balancing on another. To be honest Chris's skills are coming on leaps and bounds, no swims and lots of smiles, clearly fear gave way to enjoyment on this trip. Another great day.

2 comments: said...

Another great day out Noel. i have to say this was probably my best day yet,I may even run the drops next time lol. You have given me the bug for the water and looks like I may get our own little gang up ere. We are running the Wye next sunday but think u may be working mate. Oh and your sea pictures are fab. Living the dream eh.

51˚N Seakayaking said...

Thanks bud, hope you enjoy yourself Sunday.