Saturday, 14 January 2012

Taran's 'Rescue Rangers'

It's been on my mind that I really need to start doing some rescues, so earlier in the week I volunteered my services as guinea pig to Taran so that he could practice some rescues/tows for his impending 5* assessment. Glam boaters were having a sesh down the bay on Saturday so count me in Taran.

I should have known though ice on the boat in the morning and a bitterly cold January day, hints at a bit of madness for any form of rescue practice, so in the end I didn't get to do any. Instead I gate crashed Taran's school for paddlers.

It was a chance to meet up with Peter, Carol and Laura, who are very friendly and welcoming people indeed. I had a laugh with Peter when his first words to me were "Hi Noel, do you know your famous", "What do you mean" I said, "well you've been out with Taran twice now, most people take up walking after their first time". That did make me smile and set the tone for an enjoyable paddle.

It was good to brush up on some skills and practice new ones (cross bow rudder) couple this with a bit of messing about trying to cause Taran's boat to spin off course really encapsulated an enjoyable few hours on the water.

An obvious lack of photo's today, yep, I forgot my camera and didn't remember to pick it up when I returned home after forgetting my spraydeck as well. Cold water shock had started before even I had.

Update: Taran has kindly forwarded me some of the photo's he took of todays paddle.


scott said...

Hi Noel,
Funny first comment about Taran!! Where did you 'put in' when you went to the bay? I only ever really launch from the leisure centre using the facility but dont want to do this due to the cost.

51˚N Seakayaking said...

Hey Scott,

There are a number of places to get in, all with pros and cons. The spot I used that day was unfortunately the leisure centre, but Taran launched from Llwyn Passat by the end of the railings, have a look at street view, you'll see what I mean. It looks a lot more difficult than it actually is, Laura, Carol and Taran all launched here without any difficulty, oh and parking is right next to the launch spot.